Saturday, January 30, 2010

daddy daughter dance 2010

Once again, it was time for the annual daddy daughter dance! After finding a new dress, some tights and shoes, Renee and daddy went on a double date with one of Renee's girlfriends from school and her father. Then it was off to the dance. Moms were welcome from 6-6:30 but the cold weather, and the the thought of lugging two others in tow, one of whom was already crying from not being to go herself, was not appealing. Besides diner, Renee got a corsage. She asked to have her hair done but mommy did that herself with a few tips from a friend. We can only wonder what Renee's expectations will be come prom....

Sunday, January 17, 2010

An ending of an era, a turning of a page: Goodbye 2009, hello 2010!

At the beginning of summer, the girls thought it would be fun to try to grow flowers. Each one had their own barrel and were responsible for planting and watering their own flowers. Each day they would check the progress but were disappointed how long it took. First there were just little green sprouts, then big green sprouts and finally after weeks of waiting, flowers! The girls were very happy with their "planting" but disliked the beetles the flowers attracted!

The summer ended quickly and found us once again at our condo at Smugglers' Notch. The kids love it there and we enjoyed ourselves as much as they did.

We spent hours in their various pools. One year older, Renee was able to master crossing the Lilly Pond and also graduated to the height requirement of its water slide.

Having a condo allowed us to relax a bit more and eat when and what we wanted. We experimented with Smores. Chloe declared them "deeeelicious."

The end of the summer found Renee riding a bike all by herself and Chloe swimming on her own. They are growing so fast...anxious to see what they will be doing by next summer.

The fall found us doing typical fall activities. Picking apples in our local orchard and pumpkins and potatoes out of Pepere's garden.

Carving pumpkins and eating seeds....

and trick or treating. Dominic really got the idea this year and ate most of his candy before we even made it home. Good thing we only go to a few houses!
The fall continued to fly by and soon we had our first snow. So far it has been a winter with little snow accumulation but helas, the winter is still young!

We cut our tree down like usual and decorated it adding many "shatter proof" ornaments as Dominic found the tree quite intriguing. The tree served as a great backdrop for Dominic's 2nd birthday. It is hard to believe the boy is two! He is so full of life and energy. He runs non-stop and has begun to talk non-stop too. His most recent obsession has been with Thomas and trains.
Santa was kind enough to bring him his first train set with which he spent all Christmas morning playing. He almost fell asleep next to it! It continues to be his favorite toy these days.

Prior to Christmas we visited Santa. The girls were quick to share what they wanted but Dominic regarded him with quiet hesitation. He didn't cry but would only stand at a comfortable distance.
Later we attempted gingerbread houses with good friends. Chloe's seemed to hold together well. Renee's kept collapsing. What a mess and Melanie, Nicole and I ended up doing most of the work because it took so long just to get them to stand up!

Just prior to Christmas Dominic received his first hair cut. He was not impressed! We kept his cut curls but soon found they would return after a bath and a few weeks of growth. He looks like such a little man now.
Not only did he get his first hair cut but Dominic moved into a big boy bed. Too bad he won't stay in it alone! Mommy continues to be his lovey and we spend a lot of the night walking him back to his bed.

We closed 2009 with Chinese food and a movie and looked forward to 2010. The new year will bring a new baby and a new nephew to the Carbonneau family. Two new Carbonneaus born in the year that Jeanne, Michael's grandmother, turns 100! How cool is that?

Here are the great grandchildren helping this wonderful and amazing woman blow out her candles.

Here's to 2010! A year full of surprises for us! Keep checking in on us!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Sand and surf beach fun!

The weather hear in Maine is starting to look up! We've already taken a couple of trips to the beach. We truly are blessed to live so close! Like last summer, the kids are beach bums.

Dominic enjoyed dodging the waves. He would run towards the ocean and retreat when the waves came toward him. A few times he fell but the cold water didn't bother him!

Chloe joined in a few times, helping her little brother up when necessary.
When he got tired of running, he laid down and just let the waves come to him.

Dominic also enjoyed playing in the sand!

As did the girls!

Here is hoping there will be more glorious beach days to come!

Royal 4th of July Celebration!

We spent the 4th of July as usual with Michael’s parents in Rockport. In honor of the holiday the girls made a flag cake with Grandmaman using Cool Whip, blueberries and strawberries. Yum!

Dominic sneaked in to get taste.

The final product. Delicious!

Also, I got the kids matching outfits to wear to the parade and daddy picked up some sparklers. Chloe was a bit afraid of them but Renee held one after another.

Although the weather wasn’t ideal, we celebrated the 4th in true patriotic fashion!

The kids and I are finally on summer vacation and we have lots planned. We will update you shortly as soon as the weather cooperates and lets us be more active and lets us go the beach and pool! In the meantime, keep reading to see how we spent our Spring!